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PETRA Slab Hanger is used to support hollow-core slabs and make openings and configurations into hollow-core slab floors. PETRA is a unique technical solution that has all the benefits of a standardized product, while being used for 

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The SHUKUMA approach to installing floors, roofs and many other applications where pre-stressed slabs are suitable, offers more advantages than the traditional product. Among other benefits, contractors now enjoy increased efficiency 

Precast slabs from Elematic ideal for social housing

projects, as deadlines are driven by political imperatives rather than programming. Construction products which can be installed quickly and accurately, like precast hollow core concrete floor slabs from Elematic south africa (ESA), therefore 

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In today's world of innovation and fast tracking, the Echo Prestress hollow-core slab system is the preferred flooring solution. Besides the . in its final stage. To achieve this it is necessary to combine the precast floor slab with the precast /in-situ or steel beams. south africa in non-standard foundation systems of the type referred to in the Certificate, and on sites with founding conditions classified as 

South African Hollow-core Extends its Footprint - Echo

23 May 2016 Phase 1 comprised a ±3 000m² single-storey structure which was roofed with Echo prestressed slabs. They were designed to carry live loads of 10kN/m² and dead loads of 2,5kN/m² and were mounted on precast inverted each measuring 1 230m², for a new maternity block at Stanger Hospital in Kwazulu Natal, one of south africa's nine provinces. The first floor section, which will house an NVD anti-natal ward, is being constructed on an existing suspended roof.

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DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION OF BOTH HOLLOW-CORE floor TYPES. Truck mounted cranes LINING AND LEVELLING OF precast CONCRETE floor slabs. To obtain a flush concrete society of south africa - bronze member 

Echo Prestress Celebrates 20 Years of Prestressed Slab Production

23 May 2016 One of south africa's prestressed hollow-core concrete slab pioneers, Echo Prestress, is celebrating its 20th year. projects include the supply of precast concrete hollow-core slabs for the construction of upper-level flooring 

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13 Jul 2014 Hollow core slab is a precast slab of pre-stressed concrete, typically used in the construction of floors in multi-story We are based in Canada and south africa, multi-faceted company, we offer construction management, 

Bass Beams Precast Suspended Floors - Prestressed self

Prestressed self Supporting Suspended flooring and Structural Lintels. precast suspended floors Beams T-beam is propless pre-stressed reinforced concrete beam, when laid side by side they form the basis of a suspended concrete slab.

Elematic SA Elematic SA - manufacturers of precast concrete hollow

Elematic SA (Pty) Ltd manufactures precast, prestressed concrete hollow core slabs for the south african market. Our product is SABS ISO approved.

CoreSlab – Manufactures of Hollow Core-Slabs and Related

Manufactures of Hollow Core-slabs and Related Concrete Products. We launched in 2008 to supply high quality precast concrete systems, including hollow-core slabs, rib-and-block slabs mainly to the residential Polokwane, south africa.

Echo Slabs Used for Major Walling Projects in South Africa - Echo

23 May 2016 As south africa has one of the world's highest crime levels, good security walling has become an unfortunate were secured between H-section galvanised-steel columns which were bolted onto precast foundation slabs 

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23 May 2016 One of south africa's prestressed hollow-core concrete slab pioneers, Echo Prestress, is celebrating its 20th year. CPD Points offered for a Presentation on precast Hollow-Core Concrete floors and Walls TWO OPTIONS 

Portland Quarry Readymix Hollowcore Durbanville, Cape Town

Portland Hollowcore. Portland manufactures and installs precast hollow core slabs with state-of-art technology from Elematic in Finland. We provide a complete service, from design to manufacture and installation. Read More. PROUD 

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Manufacturer of Mitek Timber and steel prefabricated roof trusses,roof tiles,sheeting and ceiling Pretoria, south africa · Supa-Slab cc. Manufacturer of concrete precast and prestressed suspended flooring, concrete and polystyrene blocks.

About us - Echo

Echo Group is a pioneer in the hollow-core and precast concrete slabs industry. After more than 30 years of success we have built-up a pristine reputation as a premium manufacturer and supplier of reinforced slabs and prestressed floors, 

Echo: The experts in precast hollow-core flooring and concrete wall

Our precast hollow-core flooring solutions and advanced concrete slab technology sets us apart as an industry leader. We continue The walls have the same material content as for the floor slabs, except they reinforced is adapted for a walling application. Find out more concrete society of south africa - bronze member 

Cobute precast concrete solutions

We specialise in light, eco-friendly precast concrete solutions FOR BEAMS,slabs AND STAIRS, EASY TO HANDLE AND This residential project in Sunset Beach, Milnerton, required the addition a new floor above the existing garage.

TopFloor Concrete, Hollow-core & Precast Floors

Topfloor is a name built on a concrete foundation of quality and dependability. Specialising in concrete, hollow-core and precast floor slabs and walls.

Hollow-core slabs fast-track office development - Concrete Plant

“We already had a lease agreement with Michelin Tyre Company south africa for Phase 1 well before the first sod had been turned, which meant we only had “We deployed hollow-core slabs for the first floors as well as the roofs, and this assisted us in reducing construction time by several weeks. Using precast prestressed hollow core slabs meets the demands of modern design and construction to.

Prestressed Floors - Echo

Min. concrete strength at detensioning: 35mPa for 120mm, 150mm, 170mm and 200mm deep slabs, 40mPa for 250mm Prestressed floors Basic Design Parameters Prestressed CONCRETE DESIGN DETAILS – 120mm DEEP slabs .. Reinforced precast beams supplied by Echo; Cast in-situ reinforced, prestressed or post tensioned beams. concrete society of south africa - bronze member 

The Echo Group – A Brief History For The IPHA Journal - Echo

18 Apr 2016 The Echo Group, south africa's largest hollow-core slab manufacturer, first saw light of day as Constantia Echo (Pty) hollow-core floor plant, Fastfloor Botswana, in Gaborone in 2003, as a joint venture with Grinaker precast.

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Eco-Slab drawing Eco-Slab™. The Eco-Slab™ system: Unique, cost saving, two step, Modern Method of Construction, (MMC) for casting suspended and ground floor slabs; new build and retrofit made from carbon enriched EPS; Used in place 

About TopFloor Concrete, Hollow-core & Precast Floors

Topfloor, based in Bellville south, has been an important contributor to the growth of the building and construction That role has been strengthened through the acquisition of Topfloor by the Echo Group, south africa's largest and longest-established prestressed and precast floor manufacturer. Topfloor is suitable for use as a suspended concrete floor slab in most types of multi-storey buildings.